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4 Signs that your Heater is Going Out

It’s a dreaded feeling – the nip of Jack Frost with no means to offset the chill. When your heater goes out in the winter, it can leave you stranded in the cold. Hindsight kicks in, and you recall foregoing that seasonal check-in with North Carolina Heating & Cooling. It’s okay — it happens to the best of us. Here are four warning signs to look out for this winter season. Heed them and ensure your furnace keeps cooking.

Rust on Flue Pipe

A rusted flue pipe isn’t a sign of normal furnace wear and tear – something’s awry, and your system is telling you. In this case, it could be improper carbon monoxide ventilation (yikes!). This isn’t just a hazard to your system – this is dangerous. If the CO gases cannot vent, they could leak into your home.

Uneven Heating throughout your Home

Have you ever walked into a room and felt it to be noticeably colder? Some homes may not have proper ventilation installed, but it could also be a sign that your heating system is not evenly distributing heat due to other issues. If you notice certain spots to be markedly cooler, check the airflow and consult a professional — your ductwork could be leaking or require cleaning, or it could be a more substantial issue.

Odd or Unexpected Cycling

Stop-and-go traffic is annoying. Same goes for your heater. Unlike gridlock along Highway 440, a stop-and-go furnace is not to be expected. This behavior could be a warning sign that your system is about to go on the fritz. Is it a dying motor? Are the sensors in need of cleaning? Consult a trained professional to diagnose the issue and fix it.

Increased Utility Bills

Everything seems normal, right? The heater isn’t knocking. There’s no visible rust or moisture buildup. Your utility bill will likely tell the truth. There could be a leak, clogged filter, or other hidden problem that’s rendering your heating system inefficient. Increased utility bills come with the wintry territory … to a certain extent. Pay attention to that heating bill.

Despite your best efforts to prevent issue, furnaces may still go out unexpectedly. Should you encounter a problem this winter, or want a system check-up, contact North Carolina Heating & Cooling. We’ll diagnose your problem and return your heating to its former glory quickly and affordably.


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