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COVID-19's Impact on the HVAC Industry

The global impact from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit just about every industry, resulting in significant disruptions and challenges across the board. The HVAC industry is no exception, facing drastic manufacturing and machinery delays, equipment shortages, and other large-scale areas of uncertainty that warrant high adaptability and solutions-focused approaches from HVAC professionals everywhere.

With telecommuting becoming more normalized, travel being limited, social distancing practices widely regulated, and Raleigh-Durham’s annual summer heat waves, people are simply spending much more time indoors. While our pets may rejoice at remote, work from home schedules, it does also mean energy usage generally being higher and our HVAC systems pumping out an average of another 8+ hours every business day, that would have otherwise been set at a more consistent default setting. And although there’s never a “good” time for HVAC systems to break, unfortunately, air conditioners and heating systems do not care about the timing nor sensitivity of our circumstances, even amidst a global pandemic.

We’re here to help! Wake County has been experiencing record low inventory in available houses for sale, as well as record high new construction home developments due to resource shortages and bottlenecks in materials like lumber and steel. The pandemic has also prompted many local NC businesses to reevaluate and invest in more robust commercial HVAC systems in order to support proper airflow, ventilation, and other safety requirements needed to stay open or reopen at limited capacity. Whether you have residential and/or commercial needs, our team is fully-stocked with the same quality name brands and HVAC solutions that our happy customers have come to know and trust, including: TRANE, GOODMAN, LENNOX, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, and RHEEM. Our pros are equipped and ready to tackle your HVAC needs!


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