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Debunking HVAC Myths with NCHC

There are a countless number of opinions when it comes to home repairs and maintenance. Which ones are the best vs. the best for you? The local heating and cooling professionals at North Carolare here to knock out some of North Carolina’s most common HVAC-related myths and misconceptions within the industry.

Myth: You save money and value by skipping HVAC maintenance and routine services.

The phrase “If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it” doesn’t apply to preventative maintenance. It’s easy to put HVAC scheduled services on the backburner, prioritizing other things until emergency situations call for instant resolution. However, missing “just a few” service appointments can quickly turn into a habit and ultimately result in a pretty hefty dent to the wallet. Just like we get health checkups, getting routine system checkups helps you maintain the most efficiency, optimized technical calibration/operation, and overall life span.

Myth: Bigger equipment = better.

We must be crazy to not try to “up-sell” you to the biggest and most advanced HVAC system, right? Wrong. Here at NCHC, we understand that every home, family, and lifestyle is different. This means that what may be designed to cover a laundry list of specialty areas for a large family, may not, and likely won’t, best fit your (or your family’s) unique needs. We want our customers to be, and stay, happy. We’ve found that this is best achieved by really listening to client needs and getting it right the first time around.

Myth: The fastest, most efficient way to cool down your house is to set the temperature way lower.

Wrong- Gradual is key! Have you ever been frustrated at a delayed computer function, just to keep hitting/clicking the same button repeatedly until the entire screen freezes? Just like you’d probably expect eventually having to shut down and restart your frozen laptop and hope for the best, you also don’t want to overwhelm or over-exert your air conditioner. We suggest gradually reducing your A/C temperature in increments of 1-2 degrees until your desired temperature is reached. Otherwise, constantly pushing your unit to blow out air at its max capacity strains and puts extra wear on your system, often leading to the opposite outcome: using more energy to produce less quality airflow.

Myth: I have to go to the big city areas like Raleigh or Charlotte to shop for the best, new HVAC systems on the market.

Not at all! NCHC proudly serves all of the greater Wake, Durham, Johnston, Harnett, Chatham, Franklin, and Orange County areas. We encourage those on the market for a new HVAC system to do their research, and are always happy to answer any questions in the process. We’ll even come to you to provide our professional recommendations! Personal consultations are a great way for our team to get to know you, your custom needs, and which system(s) would work best with the layout of your home.

Myth: There’s no way I can afford a new HVAC system.

We get it: These are big decisions and no one should have to break the bank in order to live comfortably and survive Raleigh summer heat! That’s why we want to work with you to get the best system and investment for money.

Myth: All salespeople are the same: (pushy).

Here at North Carolina Heating and Cooling, we pride ourselves on both expertise and customer service. We didn’t just become Wake County’s trusted industry experts through technical skill alone: our “solutions-focused” mindset backed by decades of experience creating tailored, innovative results has led to our success today. We understand that you work hard for your money! Choosing which HVAC system works best for you is a big decision, and we’re happy to help consult, educate, and provide professional recommendations so that you’re happy for years to come.

We prefer to let our satisfied customers speak for themselves – Check us out on Google Reviews to see what our customers are saying!


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