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How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill this Winter

Electric bills are expensive- so is having to prematurely replace your HVAC system from overusing it! Learn from the heating and cooling professionals at NCHC how to keep your Raleigh-Durham home toasty, without burning a hole in your wallet.

1) Trap Heat from Within.

The phrase “Work smarter, not harder” best sums up this concept. Just like patching up a leaking boat, starting with a quick internal check. Before you hit that urge to start cranking up the thermostat more than 1-2 degrees, starting at the root of the problem generally yields the most efficient results: trapping the heated air from leaking out. This can range from simply minimizing the number of times your house doors and windows open/close, to doing an internal check for any noticeable cracks or incoming cold air drafting in/around attics or areas that may need sealing, and/or investing in other solutions such as vent cleaning to ensure there’s no warmth escaping behind the scenes.

2) Count $ Signs in Your Sleep

No need to count sheep when you can sleep longer and more comfortably at cooler temperatures, while saving money, without having to wake up and kick off the sheets. Did you know the Sleep Foundation states that most doctors actually suggest keeping your thermostat between 60-67 degrees to reach optimal sleep? Reducing the temperature during these core sleeping hours, as well as anytime you plan on being away from your home for an extended period of time for work or travel add up quickly.

3) Alternative Options: Electric Blankets, Space Heaters, Energy Star, and More

Finding the “perfect” temperature is tough- especially when sharing living spaces with others, who all often have a different definition of “too hot” and “too cold”. For literal pennies an hour, many find suitable electric blankets as a suitable and economical compromise. While these will heat the material surface, but not the air itself, electric blankets also make great gifts for those who tend to lean on the ‘always cold’ side. However, although only requiring roughly one tenth of the energy needed to run a space heater, space heaters offer solace for those looking for more of a quick-fix instant heat producer- but do get costly the longer they run. Longer-term options include Energy Star appliances, which incentivises many to invest in gradual returns through lower monthly bill cycles. Don’t forget about the classic, tried and true method of strategic layering when getting dressed- Checking the weather forecast and anticipating peak temperature patterns is both smart and effective!

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