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What happens to your HVAC in the Winter?

Each season comes with its own set of challenges for your HVAC system, but it’s the winters when the situation tends to get extra tricky. Even more so in North Carolina, where winters can be mild, freezing, or somewhere between. So let’s talk about your HVAC during winter months and what you should prepare yourself for.

Your AC Unit Will Be Fine

Whenever people check their air conditioner in winter, they tend to get stuck on the outside AC unit. It will be fine. These machines are built to handle the elements, and snow and ice won’t damage them. Sure, excessive snow accumulated on the unit is not good, but we rarely get enough snowfall in North Carolina to come close to that. 

Watch Your Furnaces & Heat Pumps

If you want to check the HVAC components at risk during the winter, pay close attention to heat pumps or furnaces. When it comes to furnaces, you need to watch out for water dripping into the valves. In the worst-case scenario, the moisture can lead to corrosion, which can cause a fire. Alternatively, furnace shut-down is also a possibility. If you see condensation inside your furnace’s pipe vent, you should consider booking an inspection. As for the heat pumps, moisture can similarly cause damage on the inside. It is best avoided by removing any snow or standing water from the pump.

What You Can Do to Prepare Your HVAC for Winter

Let’s wrap it up with a few tips. Apart from the all-year advice like changing your air filters regularly and checking your thermostat, we suggest turning your furnace on at least three times before the cold weather takes over. Unless you’re a heating/cooling professional, you likely don’t know what goes on with the furnace during the off-season and you need to check everything is in place before the snow sets in. Getting the furnace to heat up gradually rather than firing it up at 100% is also a smart move. NCHC can advise on a case-by-case basis during an inspection. Adding a humidifier into the mix for the winter is a good choice too.

A touch of moisture will make your home feel warmer, usually driving you to turn that thermostat down. As always, a winter season check-up will do your system well. If you are looking for professional winter HVAC service in Ralegh or Durham, NC, look no further than North Carolina Heating & Cooling.


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